Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Review for HERBALINE

Yesterday was a replacement holiday, so I decided to go for my monthly facial wash at Herbaline@Gurney Plaza (for the sake of the weekday’s Happy Hour free Eye-treatment). The outlet is just opposite Kim Gary and next to S&J gift shop. Since 2006 I visited the Herbaline@Leisure Mall, I’ve also tried many other different beauty salons but none satisfied me except Herbaline! I don’t simply conclude this because of its cheaper price compared to other brands. I’ve decided to blog about it here so more of my friends would benefitted from its products and professional services. I think I must list down the good things about Herbaline from my 5 years experiences with them and the others:
1. Nice environment – Bali-style kindof interior design; clean; SPA concept; comfortable setups;
2. Great hygiene – All new & disposable shower-cap/comb/slippers provided to each customer with cleaned SPA bathskirt (well-ironed too!); the bed setups are tidy and clean; hangers and box to keep personal belongings provided.
3. Investment on Machines – I love their machines including the steamer; machines are the things I couldn’t have them DIY at home, so, they make the facial-wash value-buy! Machines are effective on deadskin removal, whitening, lifting, and able to absorb the ingredients faster! Their technological instruments gained my confidence on their professionalism and the price they charged.
4. Single room for each customer – I hate room-sharing with other snoring customers! Privacy; sweet dim-light; clean accessories in the room.
5. Nice Massages – the Girls never get lazy on their hands! When they start the face-double-cleansing, they clean my face with very gentle stroke and lite-massages on my head, forehead, face, neck, topchest, shoulders.. Oooch… love it! Very good “point-massage” for lymph drainage; shoulder massage was very relaxing and stress-release especially for online-chat-additive like me. They massage my hands as well. Trust me, I’ve applied the same massage methods to others – DIY@home – I never failed to gain compliments! (Secret Weapons to please “somebody” u know~ :P)
6. Great SPA music – made me always fall asleep while enjoying the massage! I fall in love with the musics played.
7. No need to sign up any package – I can pick any facial-type depends on my skin condition of the day and not forced to sign-up any package for the sake of Saving! The effective treatment based on my skin type is far more important than how much they gonna charge me or how much I could save from those buy-5-free-1-package.
8. Reasonable Charges – To me, the treatments are the Cheapest I could find in town!!! Price ranges from RM67 to RM138 nett ONLY.
9. Complimentary services – Love the Foot Bath before entering for facial treatment, it’s with sea-salt, and that makes me feel all individual customer entering the room with clean feet! This is important to ensure the Fish Reflexology is in tip-top hygienic condition! Oh yes, FREE fish-foot-theraphy! They also have this Aroma Theraphy, nothing fancy, but relaxing aroma before and after the facial treatment that makes me fell well-pampered. Last but not least, their free drinks! They serve Wolf-berries& red-dates tea before the treatment, and SPA SOUP made by lemongrass after the treatment. Usually, I will request more than 1 SPA SOUP every visit~ I love it!
10. Effective herbal products – I love their Sterilizing Toner which claimed as Herbaline best-seller for only RM45. Other products are effective and value-buy too. I see effects of the Freckles Cream (RM110 for 25g) on my aging skin and the Pimple Pen (RM38) is a miracle to me! (killed my one big red pimple within 24 hours!) Herbal Masks and Bio-Masks are great products but I am lazy to apply them at home (need to rinse off so I prefer tissue-masks).
11. Nice free-gifts give-away during seasonal periods – I love them all especially the Ang-pao packets for Chinese New Year. They are unique!
12. Cheap Introductory price for 1st time visitor – Only RM28 for first-trial and it is applicable to anyone even if I visited another branch before. For example, I paid only RM28 when I first visited Gurney branch even though I was a regular customer to Leisure Mall branch. But, you may need to check the first-trial price when you make appointment, I think some new branch are charging RM38 and RM48 depends on their branch condition (not too sure on this).
13. Great services provided by the attendants – I’ve been to few different outlets and observed all Herbaline girls are well-trained and consistent on their facial-steps; very polite to customers; very knowledgeable on answering skincare questions; very patient to fuzzy customers (not me! but I observed); very gentle on blackheads extracts; consistent steps on their point-massage; talk softly to customers; not hard-sales on products but will explain very clear on each functions; will call customer ahead to follow-up on schedule confirmation; always with smiles on their faces; clean uniform they have; no chit-chatting to disturb customers’ quality time; many many many more…..

I have yet to try their Body Treament/Body SPA which the services are not available in all outlets, only a few branches are providing Body treatments.
My philosophy of spending on beauty salon for facial treatment, it has to have at least fulfill these few requirements: Comfortable & Hygienic environment, latest technology facial Machines, use the products that suit my skin condition, great massages, professional attitudes and always believe in Customer First! Ah-boh…. I can buy whole set of expensive branded skincare products and DIY@home laH!!!!! Agree?

Sisters & brothers, please don’t hesitate to experience it yourself! You may browse their official website: http://www.herbaline.com.my/ for more information. Gurney branch (04-227 1316) for reservation. I joined their facebook group too: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=34260715030&ref=ts

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  1. Got to be honest. It is definitely excellent compared to especially the crap New York Skin Solutions where they force customers to buy treatments for the future. They put tight masks and make it in such a way that it makes people feel uncomfortable. Their treatments are damn expensive and it is a waste. Instead Herbaline is value for money.